Pip & Nut - Almond Butter Squeeze Packs Singles 30g

Pip & Nut - Almond Butter Squeeze Packs Singles 30g

£1.50 GBP


Natural Nut Butters. Made from just roasted nuts and a sprinkling of sea salt, so they’re incredibly fresh, deliciously pure and bursting with wholesome nutty goodness.

Because we know you‘re a busy lot Pip & Nut have created these handy squeeze packs. They‘re great for taking with you into the urban forest for an instant nut butter burst! These almonds have come all the way from sunny California to brighten up your day. They‘re so good that we only add a little sea salt to enhance their nutty flavour.

USP:  Innovative squeeze pack formats; the new best friend of every healthy snacker, athlete or foodie. All natural, hi-oleic nut butters with absolutely no palm oil.

WOW FACT! The most successful launch in the nut butter category for 30 years.

Lifestyle & Dietary trends: Gluten Free; Vegan; Low Sugar; Source of Protein.